Hello! I’m Zain Sohail, a junior in the Business Administration Magnet Program with a passion for social entrepreneurship. This passion stemmed as soon as I started high school, as I am a member of the Business Administrative Magnet Program. Thanks to this program, I was given an early look into the business field through classes, like business law and economics, and the multiple speakers and opportunities provided to us. Once I was given a small taste of the business world, I was determined to explore more and seek out all the opportunities available to me. To feed my interest in…

How Adrianne Chandra-Huff, the Co-Founder of Bodhi Surf and Yoga, implements social impact into a highly stigmatized industry.

Could you just start off by giving a brief introduction to your background and what you do?

Adrianne Chandra-Huff is one of 3 co-founders of Bodhi — a surf and yoga camp based on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The majority of their guests are from North America and Europe, and Bodhi’s main goal is to make environmental progress through educating, inspiring, and empowering their guests to make environmental change all while providing them with a great vacation. Throughout their 11 years in business, they have always had the intention to utilize business for a social or…

I recently had the honor of interviewing Alex Husted, the co-owner of Helpsy. Helpsy, the largest textile collecting company in the Northeast US, is a Certified B-Corporation with the simple mission of keeping clothes out of the trash. This article delves into how Husted started the business, Helpsy’s current impact and how they plan to expand that, and how Husted feels we should combat the fast fashion industry.

Photo by Kaylin Pacheco on Unsplash

Could you please give a brief introduction into your background and what you currently do?

Alex Husted, along with his two business partners(who also happen to be lifelong friends!), is the co-founder and owner of Helpsy. The story to start the business began when Husted and his…

I was recently given the opportunity to interview Tiffany Pang, the Co-Founder of Outreach Grid and a Forbes 30-Under-30 Social Entrepreneur, regarding her business and how she aids the homeless population through the use of modern technology.

Could you give a brief intro into your background and what you currently do?

Tiffany Pang is the Co-Founder and CEO of Outreach Grid, a social enterprise with the goal of aiding the homeless through technology, and was also recently featured on the Forbes 2020 30-Under-30 Social Entrepreneurs list. Outreach Grid is essentially a coordinated entry system that enables agencies that work with/for the homeless all across a city or region to get data regarding homelessness…

Associate Professor Tyler Wry talks about how we can use business as a force of good

Could you give a brief introduction into your background and what you do at The Wharton School?

To start his career, Tyler Wry was extremely interested in entrepreneurship. In fact, he had a number of startups which, unfortunately, were not successful. Through these startups, he had some very bad experiences with, what Wry calls them, “almost sociopathic” co-founders. These co-founders were only out for themselves and money, and, worst of all, hid all of their actions behind the saying “it’s not personal, it’s just business” — this did not sit right with Wry. His realization that entrepreneurship should be more…

Interview: (49) Interview with Gianmarco Marinello — YouTube

Photo by Bernie Almanzar on Unsplash

Gianmarco Marinello was born and raised in Switzerland, where he found little success professionally. He was constantly in search of his “purpose” and what he was destined to do in life, so he would change jobs nearly every year . Eventually, he realized that what he was doing simply wasn’t working and there was a need for change. Marinello was able to assess his flaws in his current methods in order to find what he now believes to be what he was always meant to do: social entrepreneurship.

Marinello always struggled because…

Photo by Jordan Hopkins on Unsplash

The COVID-19 outbreak has put everyone, of every profession, in a terrible situation. With the economy practically shutting down, lay off rates going through the rough, and the supply chains facing major uncertainty, areas that are already under-serviced are suffering even more. According to research done by the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economic Research, global poverty could possibly increase by nearly half a billion people, or 8% of the total population, because of the pandemic. Along with this, health care institutions are facing problems regarding funding and resources, making it nearly impossible for them to aid these…

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Alina Ng Boyte, a Stanford education lawyer who now runs a business helping social enterprises grow, and learn more about her work and expertise in social change.

(49) Interview with Alina Ng Boyte — YouTube

Could you please give a brief introduction to your background and what you do?

Alina Ng Boyte was born in Malaysia, and after studying law in both London and at Stanford, she took on a faculty position at the Mississippi College Law School. Here, she focused on intellectual property, through both teaching and her research…

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with a data science director at Merrill Lynch and pick his brain about the business world and what he does.

Photo by Myriam Jessier on Unsplash

John Italia, a director at Merrill Lynch specializing in data science, was born and brought up in Central Jersey. Italia, who attended Rutgers University, started as a pre-med major and eventually changing his major to economics, a decision he highly values to this day. After completing a graduate degree in econometrics, he started his career writing grant funded articles and teaching both microeconomics and business administration at Rutgers University — which he…

A look into a teen entrepreneurship

I recently had the opportunity to interview Rayyan Ahmad, the founder and CEO of Rayze Consulting. Rayyan is currently a rising sophomore at Bergen Academies, a magnet high school that specializes in business and finance. Throughout this past year, he had a lot of free time on his hands due to the Coronavirus; rather than wasting his time watching Netflix all day like most students, he decided to feed his entrepreneurial spirit.

Takeaways from the interview:

Can you explain what your first business, Instasport, was?

Earlier this year, Rayyan started Instaport, a social media website(similar to LinkedIn) for sports and athletes. Unfortunately, this…

Zain Sohail

Hey everyone! I’m Zain, a 17-year-old high school student devoted to inspiring the next generation of Social Entrepreneurs!

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